It’s up to us, teachers!

Do you ever feel a sense of hopelessness in this job? It can eat away at you – neglect, abuse, learning difficulties, undiagnosed disabilities, underfunded resources, colleagues working in isolation and often against one another, pressures from above, pressures from below, changing technologies, governmental policies and expectations that are at odds with education mission statements…and that’s just with regards to your job. On top of this we have the things happening out there in the world around us – mental illness, climate change, crazy amounts of waste and consumerism whilst third world countries don’t have enough food to keep children alive. I could go on and on, but it gets me down.

So, I guess I was searching for some hope. Something positive to focus on, and I actually do believe that there is a change coming. That these political leaders who steer our “democracies” are at the peak of ridiculousness, embodying all that is messed up, just so that enough people will stand up an say “enough is enough”. Look around. Look to New Zealand and Jacinda – a leader who empowers her people. Look at Smile. I found hope.

But let’s jump on the band wagon. I am going to draw on my experiences as a mother, a teacher, a learner, a wife, a healer, a business owner/manager, an artist and a fighter to bring you tips and ideas that I hope you will use and share with others. We are going to teach children everywhere to CARE. About each other, about the Earth, about EVERYTHING. Once enough people care, compassion and kindness will lead the way to a better place.

I’m on holidays now, so I expect to have some time to write. Today has been a big setup session, and learning how to manipulate social media and websites, so this one is a short one. I expect to get better at this with practise!

Please, share your own ideas, but I insist on kindness. Nothing else will be tolerated.

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